When your boat’s flooring is rotten, molded, or just outdated, it might be time to give it a new look. By installing marine vinyl flooring, you’ll resist damage and wear and tear better than any other fabric.   Made specifically for life on the water, this fabric goes the distance, but getting there is half the battle. If you […]

Because they often look and feel the same, marine vinyl fabric can be a mystery to everyday buyers with an untrained eye. Vinyl fabric has differentiators from traditional fabric that put it ahead of its competitors, like its UV deterrence, resilience, and safety.   Here are three of the most common questions new buyers ask when buying vinyl fabric. 1. How Will Marine Vinyl Hold Up in The Sun?   […]

Did you know that a single piece of fabric is actually a culmination of layers? They’re difficult to see without a microscope, but they’re important to understand, especially when purchasing marine vinyl fabric.   The average thickness ranges from 0.06mm to 1.5mm, and it is distributed throughout the layers. The thickness, weight, and overall quality should contribute to your buying decision.    Here’s an analysis of the layers, so you can understand how each one impacts the […]

A common mistake when upholstering or reupholstering vinyl fabrics is buying from a general fabric seller. They certainly have a vast selection of types of fabrics and expansive shelves, but you need the right type of vinyl fabric, not a multitude of irrelevant options. Shopping at a store that specializes in vinyl fabric will provide […]

There has been debate for many years when it comes to boat flooring. Some people prefer carpet, while others prefer marine vinyl flooring. Like anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Use this guide to help you choose the best boat flooring for your family.   Carpeted Boat Flooring   Carpet is a great option for boat owners on a budget. If you do go this route, […]

It is standard for new boats to come with coaming bolsters, but most older boats, and a few lower-end current models, are lacking this amenity. Coaming bolsters are pads made from foam and marine vinyl fabric that help provide cushion and comfort to the inner walls, or inwales, of your boat.  An errant wave causing you to stumble into or slap your legs against the […]

As you prepare for another sailing season by cleaning your marine vinyl fabrics, deck, or engine, it is important to give special attention to your sails. Improper sail maintenance can lead to expensive repairs, or worse, result in a stranded boat situation your first day back on the water. For your maintenance checklist, here’s a […]