How To Maintain Your Vinyl Boat Flooring

Marine-grade vinyl is popular among boat owners due to its ease of care. Vinyl boat flooring doesn’t need much maintenance—but it does need some! Don’t neglect your floor as you take care of your boat. With the right preventative care and proper cleanup, your boat floors will last for years to come. Learn how to maintain your vinyl boat flooring and do so regularly.

Preventative Measures

The main reason why marine-grade vinyl breaks down is lack of proper care and maintenance. Keep your boat floor looking like new by covering up the boat when it’s not in use. Don’t leave stuff on the floor or seats, either. Wipe down all the vinyl in the boat after every use; leftover moisture invites mold and mildew.

Cleaning Up

So, you’ve got mold or mildew. Oops. Luckily, our vinyl boat flooring is easy to clean! Grab some warm, soapy water and a soft cloth; dish soap works best. It may take a little elbow grease to get all that muck out, but your patience will pay off. Do not use undiluted bleach or household cleaners on your vinyl flooring and keep the power washer away from it.

Keeping It Dry

While you’re out on the water with family and friends, moisture is bound to get on the floors. Either water from the lake or ocean splashes in, or somebody spills a drink. That’s okay! Just make sure to mop it up in a timely manner. If your boat flooring is dirty and you want to hose it down (with a regular hose!), mop and dry thoroughly afterwards. Get into the corners and really dry them well.

Stain Removal

Specific stains require specific solutions! For example, ink stains from a ballpoint pen (do you have a mischievous doodler in the family?) come out with a little sunscreen. Let it sit for a minute before wiping the sunscreen away. If you’re painting your boat with an oil-based paint and some drops get onto your floor, a little turpentine will loosen it up so you can quickly wipe it off. In the unfortunate event that blood drops get onto your floor, get rid of them with a damp cloth soaked in cool water. The trick is to take care of stains as soon as possible.

All Vinyl Fabrics’s selection of marine-grade vinyl flooring is easy to clean and will last for years if you maintain it regularly. Remember how to maintain your vinyl boat flooring and keep it tidy at all times!

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