Awning Vinyl

Canvas and Vinyl Awning Fabric

All Vinyl Fabrics has the web’s best selection of vinyl fabric awning material for sale by the yard. We do this to ensure that our selection of vinyl awning material offers the best color retention and prolonged fabric life. Our vinyl awning fabrics measure at 62” wide and feature comprehensive durability. Each fabric is immune to sun damage and color-fading, and contains mildew resistant vinyl fabric protection. Our vinyl awning fabrics are manufactured with extra strong materials while maintaining a manageable weight for superior resistance to sag and stretch on awning frames. We stock our vinyl awning material in a wide variety of solid colors, vinyl fabric textures, and patterns, and we also carry a full line of marine grade vinyl fabric. We sell our awning material by the yard, as well as by the roll for larger industrial projects. For assistance in placing your order or making a selection, please reach out to our specialists at (404) 293-9243.