Marine-Grade Vinyl Upholstery Fabric

Forget about those substandard boat seat covers that require season after season of maintenance and replacing—instead, invest in marine-grade vinyl upholstery fabric from All Vinyl Fabrics to provide lasting protection to your boat’s seats. Our vinyl seat cover solutions help prevent damage like molding, sun exposure, fading, and other kinds of wear and tear that would occur to improperly lined seats. For instance, an unlined seat is prone to scrapes and scratches and sun-induced fading. On the other hand, seats lined with materials that tend to absorb water will likely develop signs of water damage and grow bacteria if not properly cleaned after every use. However, you can avoid these unnecessary effects of improperly lined boat seats by installing our marine-grade vinyl upholstery fabric. Our vinyl sear cover solutions are designed to withstand many seasons worth of use and come in various colors and patterns to match your boat’s existing color, tones, and décor.

For additional information about our selection of vinyl boat seat coverings, contact our vinyl specialists at (877) 618-4695.