A dirty, ripped vinyl floor is an eyesore that can take away from the beauty and comfort of your boat. In addition to being unattractive, neglecting your marine vinyl flooring can lead to a foul smell and unsanitary mold.   Refurbishing the surface is a good way to halt these avoidable problems and maintain a clean, beautiful boat. Here is a guide on how you can refurbish your […]

It is standard for new boats to come with coaming bolsters, but most older boats, and a few lower-end current models, are lacking this amenity. Coaming bolsters are pads made from foam and marine vinyl fabric that help provide cushion and comfort to the inner walls, or inwales, of your boat.  An errant wave causing you to stumble into or slap your legs against the […]

As you prepare for another sailing season by cleaning your marine vinyl fabrics, deck, or engine, it is important to give special attention to your sails. Improper sail maintenance can lead to expensive repairs, or worse, result in a stranded boat situation your first day back on the water. For your maintenance checklist, here’s a […]

If you’re considering a vinyl fabric for your awnings or outdoor space, Sunbrella offers a variety of colors and patterns to suit your taste. Even better, its legendary durability and easy-to-clean factor makes it an easy choice. It can stand up to some of the toughest stain culprits like wine, chocolate, or markers. However, there […]

Maintaining a clean boat is a given for any owner, but the vinyl fabric on your boat needs extra attention. Clear vinyl, whether it’s a full enclosure, dodger, or window is continuously exposed to UV, salt, and other various chemicals that turn the material yellow and cloudy. Being proactive about cleaning and protecting your clear […]