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Making your boat’s floor or deck look just right takes some effort. Vinyl boat flooring is the most popular option among boat owners; it’s easy to install and clean. However, you may have to do some extra work if yours gets scratched. Here are four tips for getting rid of scratches in vinyl boat flooring. […]

Having comfortable seating around your home makes it easier to enjoy your relaxing spaces. Upholstery plays a big role in how comfortable seating is, and vinyl is a comfortable, durable option. However, vinyl has one significant issue: it can squeak. Though more annoying than an actual problem, you should learn the tips for keeping the […]

There’s a myriad of stitches in automotive upholstery and no shortage of combinations for you to choose from to detail a vehicle. There’s the top stitch, zipper boxing, European diamond stitch, and many more. But by far, the two most iconic seams famous for their looks and popularity are baseball stitching and vinyl hex stitching. […]

Your patio furniture needs to be suitable for the outdoors. Without the right protection, outdoor furniture becomes prone to unnecessary weathering damage. If you’re tired of dealing with worn-down, smelly patio furniture, read on. Here are three good reasons you need sunbrella fabric to break the cycle of weather-beaten furniture. Resistance to Sun Damage and […]

Carpet is an aesthetically pleasing way to get nonslip flooring onto your boat, and it can keep you and other passengers from getting injured if you take a tumble on rough waters. But traditional carpet fibers aren’t suitable for the conditions your boat experiences, making them prone to stains, mildew, and fading. Luckily, marine-grade carpeting […]

Whether you’re going for sleek and modern, vibrant and bold, classy, or rustic, there are plenty of vinyl fabric options in the textures and colors that suit your style. Vinyl upholstery makes customizing any room incredibly easy, and what better place in the home to start experimenting than in the guest room? To help you […]

Because your boat must face weathering elements like water, air, salt, and other minerals, the upholstery needs to be marine grade. Not every fabric is up to the task, but marine-grade vinyl is durable and specifically designed to withstand the common conditions your boat will experience. Marine-grade vinyl mesh contains the same materials as standard […]

Although vinyl is a very durable fabric, with time and use, it’s bound to start breaking down. And whether it’s upholstery or marine grade vinyl, you’ll likely have to replace it at some point, but how can you tell when that point is? If you don’t want to waste time or money, this article will […]