3 Tips for Keeping the Squeak Out of Your Vinyl Seating

Having comfortable seating around your home makes it easier to enjoy your relaxing spaces. Upholstery plays a big role in how comfortable seating is, and vinyl is a comfortable, durable option. However, vinyl has one significant issue: it can squeak. Though more annoying than an actual problem, you should learn the tips for keeping the squeak out of your vinyl seating.

Check for Damage

One common reason vinyl seats start squeaking is damage to the fabric. Torn or damaged materials will cause the vinyl to make noises when moving. Finding and repairing damage as soon as possible will ensure your seats last.

Carefully check your vinyl seats for signs of wear and tear. Be especially weary of torn or cracked areas. Also, regular cleaning is essential to remove dirt, debris, and other types of buildup. You can wash your seats with soap and water to protect them from harm.

Apply Ointment

If you don’t see any excess damage, you may simply need to break your vinyl in. New vinyl can be stiff, restricting its movement and making it squeak. Applying an ointment to the seats fills in the cracks and crevices, reducing the amount of friction. Rubbing the seats with baby oil, baking soda, or a specialized vinyl ointment will provide lubrication, making the material much more comfortable.


If you can’t repair your vinyl seats, it may be time to reupholster them altogether. Squeaky vinyl may be due to loose threads or frayed edges, making it difficult to fix the problem yourself. Likewise, broken grommets and worn materials make it harder to keep your seats looking nice.

Using new vinyl material will make your chairs stand out and eliminate any squeaky noises they may be producing. Finding the best upholstery material for sale will allow you to save money on your DIY project. You can get vinyl fabrics in many different styles and colors, allowing you to customize your seats and make them your own.

Enjoy Your Vinyl Seating Without the Squeaks

Vinyl upholstery is an excellent solution for homeowners who want to limit the amount of upkeep for their furniture. It’s reliable, easy to clean, and looks great. However, it can squeak. Keeping the squeak out of your vinyl seating takes some effort, but repairing damage, treating the vinyl, and reupholstering can resolve the issue.

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