4 Tips for Getting Rid of Scratches in Vinyl Boat Flooring

Making your boat’s floor or deck look just right takes some effort. Vinyl boat flooring is the most popular option among boat owners; it’s easy to install and clean. However, you may have to do some extra work if yours gets scratched. Here are four tips for getting rid of scratches in vinyl boat flooring.

Clean the Area Thoroughly

Accumulated grime can actually deepen scratches, so thoroughly clean the area to ensure it’s free of dirt and debris. You can start by using a dry towel or vacuum to give the surface a once-over. Then, clean the floor using warm water and dish soap. Rinse it off quickly so it doesn’t leave a film. Doing this once a month or every time you see dirt on the deck will ensure the floor doesn’t stain.

Use Repair Spray

Getting the scratches out of vinyl flooring can be a difficult task. If you notice some light scratches on your boat’s flooring, go over them with repair spray. Let the product sit for 24 hours; then, wipe off the residue. The spray contains an adhesive that will bind to the scratched areas and fill them in. You may need to go over the scratches multiple times to fill them in. This is especially true if the vinyl floor is old. You’ll need something more comprehensive, like wax strips, for deeper scratches.

Try Wax Strips

If a spray coating isn’t enough, you may need to fill the spaces with a wax coating. You can purchase wax strips that make the job much easier. Wax will seal the floor, adding a layer of protection atop the scratches while making the flooring look better.

First, thoroughly clean the scratched area. Then, smear wax over the scratch, apply pressure, and buff the area to smooth it out. This process should minimize the appearance of minor scratches and stains, improving the look and feel of your boat’s flooring.

Replace It Altogether

If your vinyl flooring is old or damaged, it may be better to replace it altogether. You have many options when it comes to boat flooring. In fact, many owners lay down PVC or marine-grade boat carpet instead of vinyl.

Take everything out of the boat before attempting to work on the flooring. Finding a corrosion-resistant material is essential for the longevity of your boat. New vinyl flooring may be your best option next to boat carpet.

Make Your Boat Look Like New

A comfortable boat is fun to operate. If your marine vinyl flooring is scratched, dirty, or worn down, it may be time to deep clean it or replace it altogether. With these tips for getting rid of scratches in vinyl boat flooring, you’ll have the best-looking vessel on the water!

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