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Vinyl upholstery fabric is designed to look and feel luxurious and expensive while being affordable, durable, and long lasting. While almost all vinyl fabrics have these qualities in common, that doesn’t mean every type is suitable for every application. To help you decide which fabric is the best fit for your next project, learn about […]

When it’s time to furnish your business or home, you can get lost in the number of options available. It’s easy to get overwhelmed due to the many colors, sizes, materials, and finishes. Therefore, we’ll shed light on a common question, “What’s the difference between vinyl vs. faux leather?” Here’s a closer look at the differences […]

It’s hard to believe that vinyl fabric has a relatively short history. The product was created by accident in the 1920s when a scientist tried to develop an adhesive that bonded rubber and metal. That happy accident made one of the most popular and recognizable fabrics in the world. This piece expands on the history […]

The restaurant business is just one of the thousands of industries that have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurant owners had to switch to a delivery-based system and ensure they were following CDC guidelines. Now, managers are trying to determine ways to get customers back in the door. Ideas include ensuring their safety […]

So many people have the wrong idea about vinyl fabric. Sure, it’s used to cover seats in cars, but it has so many other functions. This brief article will explain four uses for commercial vinyl fabric. You’ll find it’s much more prevalent in your life than you think. Boating Commercial vinyl fabric is exceptionally durable, […]

You spend a lot of time in your car, so you should be comfortable while you’re in it. Afterall, little is worse than being stuck in a vehicle with uncomfortable seats. Reupholstering your car with vinyl fabric will help create a comfortable space and eliminate issues that traditional fabric creates. Find out more about the […]

Vinyl upholstery fabrics come in several different grades, but grade isn’t reflected in the fabric’s quality. Grade actually refers to the cost to make the fabric. It’s hard to find consistency within the vinyl fabric grading process because each manufacturer has their own grades. When starting a new project, the most important question to ask is if you are using the right grade for […]

Because they often look and feel the same, marine vinyl fabric can be a mystery to everyday buyers with an untrained eye. Vinyl fabric has differentiators from traditional fabric that put it ahead of its competitors, like its UV deterrence, resilience, and safety.   Here are three of the most common questions new buyers ask when buying vinyl fabric. 1. How Will Marine Vinyl Hold Up in The Sun?   […]

Did you know that a single piece of fabric is actually a culmination of layers? They’re difficult to see without a microscope, but they’re important to understand, especially when purchasing marine vinyl fabric.   The average thickness ranges from 0.06mm to 1.5mm, and it is distributed throughout the layers. The thickness, weight, and overall quality should contribute to your buying decision.    Here’s an analysis of the layers, so you can understand how each one impacts the […]