4 Fun DIY Sunbrella Upholstery Ideas for Spring

Homeowners have many options to choose from when deciding which fabric to use for their outdoor upholstery. Sunbrella fabrics are one such type made to last. They can withstand the elements without fading, giving you a great look for your outdoor spaces. However, you can use Sunbrella fabric for much more than just furniture. Here are four fun DIY Sunbrella upholstery ideas for spring.

Create a New Bag

If you’re going out this spring, you might want something to carry your belongings, especially for a long trip. Sunbrella upholstery is a fantastic material for personal items such as totes, duffel bags, and zip pouches.

Your new bag should be made to withstand everything you throw at it. Sunbrella fabrics are high quality, stain resistant, and easy to clean, so a bag made of Sunbrella fabric will look great and last.

Cover Your Outdoor Furniture

Your home’s outdoor spaces should be as functional as possible. Using outdoor furniture will allow you to enjoy the warm spring weather in comfort, but over time, the materials can fade and turn dingy. Using Sunbrella fabrics to upholster your outdoor furniture will help you protect it from the elements, extending its life and keeping it looking good.

Make a Boat Cover

Boat owners need something capable of protecting their boats from pooling water, mold, and mildew. Using Sunbrella fabric for your boat cover ensures your boat’s interior won’t degrade over time. This is a bigger project, as it’s essential to have enough material to cover the entire boat when in storage. You can get Sunbrella upholstery fabric by the yard to make it more affordable.

Hang Some Drapes

Your living spaces should be as comfortable as possible, no matter the time of year. A set of DIY drapes will keep the sun out of the room while adding some great-looking accents to your windows.

If you want your drapes to look good year-round, consider making them with Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella fabrics keep their color in the sun without fading, making them the perfect option for your drapes.

Make Your Home Pop This Spring

Fall and winter can be rough on your home and mental state. Luckily, there are quite a few projects that will help you bring color back into your life. With these fun DIY Sunbrella upholstery ideas for spring, you’ll be ready to enjoy the season in style and comfort.

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