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Vinyl fabrics are useful for many things, including upholstery, clothing, and automotive equipment. You can make some new clothes or protect your home from the elements with a suitable amount of vinyl fabric. The manufacturing process for vinyl plays a crucial role in the properties of the final product. These key differences between expanded and […]

  Understanding the importance of interior design for your restaurant can help your business succeed. The appearance of your restaurant has a psychological impact on your customers and can influence how they feel about your brand and your food. You communicate with your customers in each design decision you make, from wall art to furniture choices. […]

Let’s face it: kid-proofing your house doesn’t end at cabinet locks and plush carpets. Look at your house through the eyes of a child, and imagine any potential messes. Furniture, in particular, often falls victim to child-related damage like food spills and magic-marker masterpieces. What kind of upholstery will last the longest in your home? […]

When it’s time to upholster or reupholster the seats on your boat, you’re probably thinking about color already. What shades speak to you personally, and which colors are best avoided? Let’s look at this handy guide to choosing the right vinyl fabric color for your boat seats. White-on-White How light or dark you want to […]