Vinyl Upholstery Material

All Vinyl Fabrics carries an expansive selection of vinyl upholstery fabric by the foot that can provide a comfortable, durable covering to almost piece of furniture. Our vinyl specialists take the time to test the quality and performance of all vinyl upholstery before we offer it in our online inventory. We do this to ensure that each product offered lives up to All Vinyl Fabrics’ reputation for providing superior products at superior prices.

Our wide selection of vinyl upholstery materials comes in many different colors, patterns, and textures that can each be easily installed to complete a great number of projects. Vinyl upholstery can be used to re-cover sofas, stools, dining chairs, booths, cushions, and even walls, giving your home a stylish and presentable look that’s easy to maintain. If you’re currently undertaking a project such as renovating a car or vintage furniture, use automotive upholstery vinyl or vintage vinyl patterns to get the look you desire. We guarantee that there’s a selection in our catalogue that’ll surpass your standards for both protection and presentation. If you have any questions about our collection of vinyl upholstery material or would like some professional guidance as you choose a product, please contact one of our vinyl specialists at (877) 618-4695.