Commercial Vinyl

Commercial Vinyl Upholstery Fabric

Today, making your clients and customers feel welcome isn’t just about quality service. While it’s still a primary factor, quality service has started to share its place in attracting and retaining clientele with aesthetics. Now more than ever, people desire an enjoyable experience in a stunning environment; therefore, it’s important to enhance your space accordingly. If you operate in a well-lit environment, start with a fresh paint job. If your clientele will spend much of their time sitting, reupholster your seats with comfortable commercial vinyl upholstery fabric. Even an update as simple as installing new vinyl for restaurant booths can make all the difference when it comes to customer experience.

Give your clientele the experience they deserve with commercial vinyl upholstery fabric from All Vinyl Fabrics. We offer an extensive selection of vinyl for restaurant booths, bars, salon chairs, waiting room furniture, hotel seating, and more. For assistance in making a selection or placing your order, please reach out to our vinyl specialists at (404) 293-9243.