5 Kid-Friendly Upholstery Fabrics for the Home

Let’s face it: kid-proofing your house doesn’t end at cabinet locks and plush carpets. Look at your house through the eyes of a child, and imagine any potential messes. Furniture, in particular, often falls victim to child-related damage like food spills and magic-marker masterpieces. What kind of upholstery will last the longest in your home? Let’s look at a few options for kid-friendly upholstery fabrics for the home.


It’s not just for jeans and jackets! Sturdy denim is a tried-and-true fabric for folks who work outdoors due to its extreme durability. Denim will hold up to a lot of abrasions, and stains are relatively easy to remove with household products like dish soap and baking soda.


As one of the most versatile and durable natural fibers out there, wool is highly resistant to liquid damage and is easy to spot-clean. No fussy care instructions here! Just wipe up any messes quickly, and vacuum it with a handheld attachment when it gets dusty or crusty with food crumbs.


Leather is another one of the more durable fabrics out there, and it’s a snap to clean up due to its smooth surface. If you rub it down with a good leather conditioner once a year, your leather couch will stay in top condition even after your little ones go off to college.


For the budget with no tolerance for leather, vinyl has many of leather’s best qualities: a pleasant shine and a smooth surface that repels stains. Plus, All Vinyl Fabrics specializes in vinyl for furniture and carries a wide array of colors. Upholster a chair or couch in brightly colored vinyl for your kids’ bedroom or playroom!


Linen is a popular choice for outdoor furniture and summer decor. Like denim, it’s a hardy, tightly woven fabric that will stand up to years of rubbing and abrasion. Many fabrics designed for outdoor use are great for kid-friendly furniture, as they can hold up to severe wear and tear.

Whether you’re looking at denim couches or using vinyl for furniture you want to upholster yourself, think about how your kids interact with your furniture. Are they more likely to color on it or spill their juice? Plan accordingly as you choose from among the best kid-friendly upholstery fabrics for the home.

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