Ways To Make Your Boat Safer for Aging Passengers

Time spent on the water can be healing for the soul. Make your passengers’ experience tranquil and safe by taking care of your boat. Add safety features and measures to make your boat safer for aging passengers and enjoy a secure and relaxing day on the water.

Adequate Space

Due to the health crisis over the past two years, “social distancing” has become a term on everyone’s minds. As we age, our immune system becomes less capable of fighting off disease. Don’t crowd your aging passengers, and take care to give them enough space of their own. Limit the number of passengers on your boat if possible.

Safe Flooring

Slips and falls can be deadly for older passengers. Make sure your boat floors are dry and not slick in any spots. Consider installing marine-grade boat carpet for extra grip and security. Even your younger passengers will appreciate the extra stability of a floor with some grip.

Lifesaving Gear

All boats should have enough life jackets for everybody aboard. Make sure all your rings and life jackets are in good working condition. All life vests must be U.S. Coast Guard-approved and should fit comfortably on an older passenger.

Hand Rails

Give your passengers something to hold onto, especially as they board the boat! Combined with your marine-grade boat carpet, safety railings will help prevent slips and falls. Plus, they’ll give more peace of mind to your older passengers.

First Aid

You must regularly restock that red box on your boat—the one with the bandages and sterile wipes. Anticipate any injury that may occur and be ready with gauze, ice packs, and pain relievers. Assure your older passengers that you’re prepared for any eventuality.

When preparing your boat for passengers who are getting older, fit your boat with safety-conscious features like marine-grade carpeting and safety rails. In addition, reassure all passengers that your boat is equipped with lifesaving items and adequate first aid. These ways to make your boat safer for aging passengers have the added benefit of making the boat safer for everyone!

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