Animal Skin Vinyl, the Animal-Friendly Alternative

Animal skin vinyl, also known as faux leather, is used in businesses across the globe as an animal-friendly substitute for leather that’s just as durable and elegant as genuine animal skin. In fact, many people who have used faux leather would attest to it being better than animal hide. If you’re on the fence about which to use, here’s everything you need to know about animal skin vinyl, the animal-friendly alternative.

Animal Skin Vinyl Is More Affordable

It’s no secret that animal skin vinyl is more affordable than genuine leather, as it’s mass-produced, and a lot of labor goes into producing real leather. It’s also much easier to get a specific grain pattern, such as slat grain or pebbled. These factors make it much more affordable to get the look you want with faux leather.

All it takes to apply the pattern is a patterned roller, and you get consistent texture across the fabric. This pattern isn’t guaranteed to be consistent on real leather and can be patchier in some places.

Animal Skin Vinyl Is Easy To Clean

While real leather is relatively easy to clean, it can easily fade over time and is sensitive to spills and stains. Additionally, you need to condition leather up to twice a year. Due to the protective layer on faux leather, it’s much easier to clean and less susceptible to stains. All you need is a damp, non-abrasive washcloth, gentle dish soap, and a microfiber cloth to dry the surface. Consistent cleaning keeps the surface looking its best and removes the little marks that add up over time.

Animal Skin Vinyl Will Last Many Years

In truth, real leather is one of the most resilient fabrics and tougher than faux leather, but that doesn’t mean faux leather isn’t durable. Vinyl will generally last for many years and won’t degrade nearly as quickly as other fabrics, such as linen or cotton. Quality faux leather is also tear and puncture-resistant, but faux and real leather can be easily cut. Tears in animal skin vinyl can be affordably repaired, unlike leather.

Ultimately, animal skin vinyl isn’t just an animal-friendly alternative; it’s also a wallet-friendly alternative. Whether you need faux leather for your boat, restaurant, or any of your upholstery needs, All Vinyl Fabrics sells vinyl upholstery by the yard. When you shop with us, you’ll get the highest quality fabrics for the best prices.

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