Car Styles: Baseball Stitch vs. Vinyl Hex

There’s a myriad of stitches in automotive upholstery and no shortage of combinations for you to choose from to detail a vehicle. There’s the top stitch, zipper boxing, European diamond stitch, and many more. But by far, the two most iconic seams famous for their looks and popularity are baseball stitching and vinyl hex stitching. If you’re looking to perfect the details of your vehicle’s upholstery, read on to learn the differences between the baseball stitch and the vinyl hex.

What Is the Baseball Stitch?

The baseball stitch, also known as the flat French seam, is one of the most used stitches in automotive upholstery, and with good reason. It lays much flatter than the standard French seam and is more visually striking, but it’s not all looks. This stitch is also one of the strongest stitches across all materials, including automotive vinyl fabric. But don’t get this seam confused with lace French seams, as a lace seam will give you the iconic baseball look. The baseball stitch, ironically, doesn’t actually look like baseball stitching.

What Is Vinyl Hex Stitching?

The hex stitch will look very different depending on the materials but has a beautiful honeycomb look when in automotive vinyl. This unique appearance is exactly what makes it so popular. But because of its complex design, professionals usually use an acrylic template if they’re stitching by hand. However, hex stitching isn’t a stitch in itself; it’s a pattern. Most commonly, a running stitch or a straight stitch is what actually forms the pleats, and what you end up with is a quilted look that’s tough but also elegant.

Which One Is Best for Automotive Upholstery?

The main difference between the baseball stitch vs. the vinyl hex is the look. In terms of strength, both stitches stand up to the test of time. But this mainly depends on how you take care of your vehicle. Hex stitching is usually in luxury cars that aren’t going to go through lots of wear and tear. So if you’re one to really care for your car, you can rely on this stitch to last a long time. The baseball stitch is best for vehicles that will see rougher use. Ultimately, both are great for automotive upholstery. Your choice simply depends on your personal style and how well you care for your vehicle.

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