Why You Should Use Marine-Grade Vinyl Mesh

Your boat can face the tough conditions you typically see on the water, such as rain, wind, and salt spray. Most fabrics can’t last this way and can often develop mold when on your boat’s furniture. Even marine-grade fabrics can get moldy or break down without the proper care. This is where mesh fabric can act as the ultimate solution. If you want to learn more, read on to learn a few reasons why you should use marine-grade vinyl mesh.

The Marine-Grade Vinyl Mesh Prevents Stagnant Moisture

Marine-grade vinyl mesh is installed under the bottom of your boat’s seats, allowing air to flow. This airflow between fabrics and cushions is critical. Without it, your seats can begin to form mildew that you won’t notice until you smell it. This stagnant moisture is also a prime spot for pinking, which occurs due to a bacteria that produces a pink digestive byproduct as it lives on your furniture.

Regular Mesh Can’t Stand Up to the Test

Regular mesh fabrics can’t face the conditions that your boat will experience. When exposed to water, they can become overly saturated and begin to rot. However, marine-grade vinyl mesh is a woven vinyl-coated polyester that’s mildew resistant and typically comes UV stabilized. This means that the fabric won’t become waterlogged and begin to smell. Additionally, it’ll take much more time for the sun’s light and heat to break down the material.

Marine-Grade Mesh Helps Other Fabrics Last Longer

Because marine-grade vinyl mesh helps other marine fabrics breathe, it reduces the need for cleaning and repair. Cleaning your boat’s upholstery is important. But if you’re constantly trying to get rid of the smell and sight of mildew, the chemicals used will begin to eat away at the fabric’s chemical bonds over time.

Ultimately, you should use marine-grade vinyl mesh in tandem with your regular marine upholstery. This will increase its lifespan and make boating a little more convenient. Fortunately, if you’re in the market for quality marine vinyl fabric by the yard, All Vinyl Fabrics has you covered. We sell mesh, vinyl, and foamback designed with you and your boat in mind.

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