5 Types of Upholstery Vinyl and Their Attributes

Vinyl upholstery fabric is designed to look and feel luxurious and expensive while being affordable, durable, and long lasting. While almost all vinyl fabrics have these qualities in common, that doesn’t mean every type is suitable for every application. To help you decide which fabric is the best fit for your next project, learn about five types of upholstery fabric and their attributes.

Contract Vinyl: Built To Last

Contract vinyl is often confused with commercial vinyl, and while they have many characteristics that overlap, contract vinyl is specifically built with durability in mind. While this type of fabric can still come in a variety of colors and textures, it is typically used in applications where the fabric will see much use. This can be anything from salon styling chairs, massage chairs, medical chairs, or any other application that needs sturdy material to withstand the test of time.

Commercial Vinyl: Upholstery Designed for Style

Commercial vinyl fabrics, as mentioned, are very similar to contract vinyl because it is built to last in high-traffic areas. However, the critical difference between the two is that commercial vinyl typically comes in a wider variety of colors, grains, textures, and styles. This is because they are typically used in applications such as restaurant booths, hotel furniture, or any other application where style and aesthetics are important.

Awning Vinyl: UV- and Fade Resistant

Awning vinyl fabric is typically used to shade outdoor areas and can be used in parks, outdoor restaurant seating, and residential yards. Because many customers won’t be close enough to observe the texture, you won’t find as many fancy, varying surfaces. However, there are still plenty of colors to choose from, so you can fully customize your awning. Where this type of fabric differs is in its ability to withstand weather conditions, such as rain and intense heat, by being UV- and mildew resistant.

Automotive Vinyl: Upholstery for Car Lovers

Automotive vinyl upholstery is where you’ll typically see some of the most variety in texture, color, and style, with dozens of options to choose from. This is because car lovers enjoy customizing their vehicles and want all the options available to make their detailing dreams come true. Because this fabric will be sat on often and exposed to the sun, it’s soft to the touch, stretchable, UV resistant, fade resistant, and durable.

Marine Vinyl: Made To Weather the Storm

Marine vinyl upholstery fabric also tends to come in quite a few varieties and colors because boat owners love to detail and customize as well. The difference is marine vinyl is some of the most durable vinyl fabrics on the market, comparable to commercial and contract vinyl. Boats are subject to salt spray, rain, and heat, meaning the fabric has to be able to withstand a myriad of conditions, all while looking attractive and lasting multiple boating seasons.

Now that you know a little bit more about the different types of upholstery vinyl and their attributes, what fabric best suits your next project? If you need a one-stop shop, All Vinyl Fabrics sells vinyl upholstery material made to fit any of your fabric needs.

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