Choosing the Right Vinyl Fabric Color for Your Boat Seats

When it’s time to upholster or reupholster the seats on your boat, you’re probably thinking about color already. What shades speak to you personally, and which colors are best avoided? Let’s look at this handy guide to choosing the right vinyl fabric color for your boat seats.


How light or dark you want to go with your vinyl depends on your needs and preferences. Some people love the crisp, classic look of all-white seats. They don’t fade in the sun and lend a luxurious look to your boat. However, they also show stains and spills easily! Some people like this feature because it makes for easier cleanup and maintenance. Others don’t want those stains to show up and dislike how white showcases mold and dirt. If you’re not interested in the all-white look, you can always use white as an accent color.

Neutrals and Gentle Colors

Pairing white with a gentle neutral like camel or beige is also a luxurious look and one that has stood the test of time. Sandy colors are a classic way to make your boat look more upscale and chic.

If you have a favorite color that you want to incorporate into your upholstery, choose a shade that’s easy on the eyes. Check out the wide range of colors All Vinyl Fabrics offers for marine-grade vinyl seats; from deep claret to sun yellow, we’ve got a rainbow’s worth of eye-catching vinyl options. Choose colors you and your friends won’t get tired of looking at.

Be Careful With the Dark

What’s your average boating weather like? If you live and boat someplace where it gets hot in the summer, beware of black and other dark colors. Black absorbs heat from the sun, and black vinyl upholstery can be too hot to sit on during some days.

However, if your area is a little chilly even in the summer, consider using darker colors to accent your upholstery. A black-and-white look is bold and daring, and pairing black with tan is another combo that adds luxury.

When choosing vinyl fabric for your boat’s upholstery, think about these factors as you select your color scheme. Whether you’re after an ultra-chic look or a palette of your favorite colors, you’ve got a few tips in mind now when you scroll through your choices. This guide to choosing the right vinyl fabric color for your boat seats will help you bring extra panache to your boat this summer.

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