The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Upholstery Fabric

If you’re looking at vinyl upholstery, you’re probably looking for durability and easy maintenance—which vinyl certainly offers! Before you upholster, though, let’s look at the pros and cons of vinyl upholstery fabric.

Pro: Easy To Clean

If you spill food or beverages on vinyl furniture, it’s quick and easy to wipe off, and it won’t leave stains. If anything seeps into the seams, it just takes a little extra care and gentle cleaning products.

Con: the Feel

Have you ever tried to sit on a vinyl couch while wearing shorts? Sitting in seats upholstered with cheap vinyl for too long can start to feel sticky—especially during the summer.

Pro: Affordable

Vinyl can offer a leather-like look without the price tag. If you’re on a budget, All Vinyl Fabrics offers a range of high-quality vinyl upholstery fabric that won’t break the bank.

Con: Tough To Repair

If your vinyl upholstery is ripped or otherwise damaged, it’s difficult to patch up. You may end up re-upholstering an entire piece of furniture if its vinyl covering is torn.

Pro: Wide Selection

Vinyl fabric comes in many different shades and patterns. It’s easy to upholster your furniture in custom colors that speak to you.

Con: Can Look Cheap

Inferior-quality vinyl furniture can have a distinctly fake look to it. However, the vinyl upholstery fabric available at All Vinyl Fabrics is high-quality, durable, and works as a solid substitute for leather.

Pro: Long-Lasting

When cared for properly, vinyl upholstery can last for years. Many varieties have a protective coating on them that shields them from the sun and renders them flame-retardant.

Con: Prone To Cracks

While your vinyl couch will last a long time, it will start to develop cracks after a few years of heavy use. The more people sit on your vinyl furniture, the more strain they put on the fabric.

When using vinyl to upholster your furniture, All Vinyl Fabrics is your one-stop shop. We offer fabrics of superior quality in a dazzling range of colors. Knowing the pros and cons of vinyl upholstery fabric helps you make an informed decision on your redecorating journey.

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