4 Uses for Commercial Vinyl Fabrics

So many people have the wrong idea about vinyl fabric. Sure, it’s used to cover seats in cars, but it has so many other functions. This brief article will explain four uses for commercial vinyl fabric. You’ll find it’s much more prevalent in your life than you think.


Commercial vinyl fabric is exceptionally durable, making it great to use on boats. The last thing you want is to plan a quaint summer sailing trip only to realize your boat’s upholstery is tearing at the seams. Make sure your ship has the best marine-grade vinyl upholstery fabric available. Commercial vinyl fabric can withstand ample wear and tear. So, you should feel more confident the next time you hit the open sea.


Restaurant owners should only use commercial vinyl fabric at their establishments. This fabric is excellent for booths that typically sit multiple people at one time. Also, it’ll never rip. After all, no one wants to eat a restaurant with torn upholstery and a messy overall look. A restaurant’s aesthetic plays a significant role in whether it’s successful. So, upgrade your restaurant’s look with commercial vinyl fabric. The more comfortable people are at your establishment, the more likely they are to come back.


Every awning, whether it’s residential or for a business, should be durable. Awnings must protect property against adverse weather conditions. An awning will not accomplish this goal if it’s made from a flimsy fabric. Businesses use commercial vinyl fabric for awnings all the time. Commercial vinyl fabric won’t tear like other fabrics, and it’ll always look great.


Your home’s furniture sees its fair share of wear and tear. One way to ensure your furniture stays in good condition is to upholster it with commercial vinyl fabric. If you have a dinette bench or a day bed in your home, reupholster it with commercial vinyl fabric. That way, if your kids or dogs jump on it, it’ll stay intact. This is a resourceful tip for people that are selling their homes as well. No prospective buyer wants to purchase a house with furniture that’s ripped or in poor condition. Make sure it lasts by using this vinyl as much as you can in your home’s design.

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