How to Prepare Your Boat for Winter Storage (Part 2)

Winter is here, which means boating season is over. Read this guide on how to prepare your boat for winter storage so everything’s good to go next summer.

Winter and boating don’t go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, people that live in frigid climates will not be able to take their boats out during the winter season. If you live in a colder area, read this guide on how to prepare your boat for winter storage. If you follow these steps, it should be smooth sailing when summer comes rolling around.

Do a Thorough Cleaning

Your boat must be clean before you store it away for the winter. If you leave your boat as is during the winter, you may come back and find unwanted mildew and stains. Scrub your boat before you store it away for the winter. Wash the floors and other mechanics so that everything’s shiny and fresh. It’s also an excellent idea to power wash all seat cushions before putting your boat in storage. The last thing you want is to go out for your first boat ride next summer and realize the seats are grimy and uncomfortable to sit on.

Check Any Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment can be damaged if it’s exposed to cold weather conditions. Check any electrical equipment and appliances that are on your boat before you store it away for the winter. Make sure everything is working properly before you put the boat into storage. Also, ensure that everything is unplugged before you walk off your boat. The last thing you want is for your marine vessel to catch on fire during the winter because something was left plugged in. Create a checklist of all electrical equipment you have so you can double-check that everything is unplugged and that there aren’t any frayed wires.

Settle on a Type of Storage

Surprisingly, there’s more than one type of boat storage. Research the different options before you pack things up for the winter. There are self-storage options for people who want to take care of things themselves. This is typically the cheapest option for storing your boat in the winter. Also, because you’ll be handling matters yourself, you’ll be able to use your own trusted equipment. However, self-storage normally requires a lot of work, and you must be diligent all winter to make sure your marine vessel is maintained correctly.

The other option is to have a company store your boat for you—preferably indoors. This method is more expensive, but it eliminates the hassle, and it’s comforting to know your boat is in professional hands.

This guide has all the answers on how to prepare your boat for winter storage. If you follow these steps, there’s no reason you won’t be able to pull away from the dock at a moment’s notice once summer reappears. Give your boat a quick glance over once you remove it from storage. If you decide you want to make any upgrades for the new season, our expert team at All Vinyl Fabrics is here to help. We have all you need for boat reupholstering, and we’ll make sure your boat looks great the next time it hits the open sea.

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