4 Ideas for Upholstering Your Guest Room

Whether you’re going for sleek and modern, vibrant and bold, classy, or rustic, there are plenty of vinyl fabric options in the textures and colors that suit your style. Vinyl upholstery makes customizing any room incredibly easy, and what better place in the home to start experimenting than in the guest room? To help you get started on your new interior design journey, here are four ideas for upholstering your guest room.


Drum lampshades, in particular, are fun to customize since you can mix and match the color, texture, and fabrics you use on the inside and the outside of the lampshade. Of course, you can use vinyl to upholster any lampshade, but drum lampshades are the easiest to do, especially for beginners.

For a groovy ‘70s retro look, you can upholster the outside with a bold geometric design and line the inside with a soft yellow to affect the overall glow when you turn on the lamp. Conversely, if you’re looking for something subtle or more modern, you can upholster the outside of the drum lampshade with bold, subtly textured vinyl in deep romantic blues or stark white.

Wall Panels

Upholstered wall panels are quickly becoming a popular way to add a 3D element and some texture. For guest rooms, in particular, they can tie a bed together if it doesn’t have a frame and almost act as a tapestry. You can also tuft the vinyl fabric to make the panel more dynamic. A deep, muted blue-green distressed faux leather vinyl can make for a beautiful, dark wall accent. Or, for a Hollywood regency aesthetic, tufted soft pink vinyl can bring that style of bold luxury to life.

Chairs or Sofas

It’s no secret that you can bring new life to chairs or sofas with vinyl fabric. Furniture pieces with metal accents, in particular, go well with a conversely textured leather vinyl to bring out the smooth shine of the furniture’s structure points. Chaise lounges with bold colors go well in minimalist Bauhaus-esque rooms. Or, if you prefer the dark academia aesthetic, a deep brown or black faux leather vinyl can make a loveseat or sofa look classy.

Bed Frames

Traditional bed frames can be boring. Reupholstered bedframes are becoming a superstar favorite in the interior design world. It can make what was once a boring and flat bed post or footing look much more expensive. Much like the wall panels, you can tuft your bed frame with bright and bold colors for an artsy throwback.

Remember that these are only four ideas for upholstering your guest room, and there are so many more just waiting for you to bring them to life. People turn to upholstering with vinyl for furniture because it’s so versatile, customizable, and durable, and anyone can achieve their interior design goals with this fabric.

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