Marine vinyl upholstery is versatile, durable, and waterproof, making it an excellent choice for outdoor and indoor furniture and boats. However, sewing marine-grade vinyl fabric can be challenging. The material is thick, stubborn, and requires special care and technique. Follow these four easy tips to sew marine-grade vinyl fabric so that you’re confident in your future […]

Sewers and crafters alike know that we collect fabrics in case creativity strikes, and that’s okay! However, abundant vinyl fabrics can become disorganized, often damaging your materials. To prevent that from happening, you should understand that you need to keep your vinyl fabrics stored in rolls—never folded—to avoid creasing. You should also keep your vinyl […]

Vinyl upholstery is widely used and highly favored for those looking for low maintenance, durable, and stylish fabrics. You can find vinyl upholstery in restaurants, doctor offices, cars, and homes. Many people find that vinyl is a good choice for outdoor furniture because of its many perks. Keep reading to discover why you should use vinyl upholstery […]

If you’re a seasoned boat owner, the chances are that you know the appropriate practices for getting your boat ready for warmer weather down to a science. However, you may still have questions about caring for their boat. For instance, you may wonder, “When should I replace my flooring?” You only need to change your […]

Vinyl is the best fabric to upholster or reupholster with because it has many benefits. It comes in various colors and patterns and is durable and easy to clean. Reupholstering your bar stools with vinyl is an easy fix and does not require professional skills. We have five tips for reupholstering a bar stool with vinyl to […]

Everything has its perks and downsides. If you’re reading this article, you are most likely looking for the best fabrics for your outdoor furniture or boat upholstery. Before you make any purchases, let’s explore the pros and cons of marine grade vinyl fabrics. What Makes Marine Upholstery Special? Marine vinyl upholstery is a fabric that is durable […]

When it’s time to furnish your business or home, you can get lost in the number of options available. It’s easy to get overwhelmed due to the many colors, sizes, materials, and finishes. Therefore, we’ll shed light on a common question, “What’s the difference between vinyl vs. faux leather?” Here’s a closer look at the differences […]

  Understanding the importance of interior design for your restaurant can help your business succeed. The appearance of your restaurant has a psychological impact on your customers and can influence how they feel about your brand and your food. You communicate with your customers in each design decision you make, from wall art to furniture choices. […]