Pros & Cons of Marine Grade Vinyl Fabrics

Everything has its perks and downsides. If you’re reading this article, you are most likely looking for the best fabrics for your outdoor furniture or boat upholstery. Before you make any purchases, let’s explore the pros and cons of marine grade vinyl fabrics.

What Makes Marine Upholstery Special?

Marine vinyl upholstery is a fabric that is durable enough to withstand fluctuating temperatures, exposure to sunlight, and excess moisture. This fabric is popular for outdoor furniture and boats because of how durable and convenient the material is.

Below, we will share this fabric’s pros and cons.

The Pros of Marine Grade Vinyl Fabrics


Rain, shine, sleet, or snow—marine grade vinyl can withstand all weather conditions. This fabric can stand up against exposure to direct sunlight, humidity, and moisture, making it the best material to protect your furniture from mold or mildew. Marine upholstery is designed to resist harsh elements near or on salt or freshwater.


Marine vinyl is known for its longevity. If installed and maintained correctly, your upholstery could last up to 20 years. Even though marine vinyl isn’t as durable as leather, this material is resistant to scratching.

Easy To Clean

One of the greatest perks of marine vinyl upholstery is that it is easy to clean. This fabric is not absorbent, and you can wash most stains away with soap and water.


Marine grade vinyl looks nice without breaking the bank. If you’re on a budget and looking for something stylish and sleek, All Vinyl Fabrics has various styles of high-quality marine vinyl upholstery.

The Cons of Marine Grade Vinyl Fabrics

Low-Quality Versions Look Cheap

Like all other fabrics, marine grade vinyl has tiers of quality. If you purchase low-quality marine grade vinyl fabric, it will likely look cheap and fake, and it will be more prone to cracking. Cheaper materials are often installed improperly, leading to other problems like mold and mildew, which is tough to clean.

Whether searching for upholstery or furniture for your boat or outdoor patio, it’s always wise to weigh the pros and cons before purchasing. Knowing the pros and cons of marine-grade vinyl fabrics will help you decide before swiping your card.

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