Things To Consider Before Reupholstering Outdoor Furniture

Reupholstery is a great DIY project that allows you to express your creativity and craftsmanship. To reupholster furniture, you must strip the piece down to its frame before adorning it in new fabric. The process may be challenging for some, but the results are worth it. You’re updating an outdated piece to create a fresher and more modern look, revealing the true potential within the furniture.

However, not every piece of furniture can be saved, especially outdoor furniture. If you’re planning to break down your chairs and tables, here are some things to consider before reupholstering outdoor furniture to ensure your DIY experience goes smoothly.

Is the Piece Worth It?

Before you start prepping your furniture, you need to evaluate whether your furniture is worth saving. Outdoor furniture faces a lot of wear and tear from repeated use and outdoor elements, which can ruin furniture over time, even when it’s cleaned and maintained properly. If your furniture is rotting or eroding, it may be best to buy new furniture instead of replacing fabrics. However, if your outdoor loveseat has a tiny rip, you should reupholster it!

Understand the Typical Costs

Reupholstering a piece of furniture is a great way to stay sustainable and revive old pieces. You can update your patio accessories to help revamp the space. However, it would be best to consider the hidden costs of reupholstering outdoor furniture. The price of reupholstery can vary depending on where you live, the fabric you choose, and how much fabric you need.

Consider the Thread You Use

When reupholstering outdoor furniture, you want to ensure you use outdoor thread. Special outdoor threading is your best choice for such projects because it’s weather resistant and stronger than your typical threading. Outdoor thread is also thicker and smoother than cotton threads. To help keep your furniture mildew-, mold-, and damage-free, use outdoor materials designed for outdoor fabrics.

Try Using Visual Art for Inspiration

Before reupholstering your outdoor furniture, consider looking at visual art to help you coordinate colors. By using visual art for inspiration, you will understand your preferences and define what style you’re going for with your DIY project. You should seek inspiration from visual boards to see different fabrics, styles, patterns, or finishes you can use on your table, chair, or loveseat.

Always choose a timeless fabric that is also weather resistant. You want your outdoor furniture to stand the test of time and add value to your outdoor space. A great material to consider using is Sunbrella upholstery because it is weather resistant, low maintenance, and durable. All Vinyl Fabrics offers Sunbrella upholstery fabric by the yard at a reasonable price! Start your DIY upholstery project today by shopping our wide variety of durable outdoor materials.

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