3 Signs Your Boat Needs New Flooring This Spring

If you’re a seasoned boat owner, the chances are that you know the appropriate practices for getting your boat ready for warmer weather down to a science. However, you may still have questions about caring for their boat. For instance, you may wonder, “When should I replace my flooring?”

You only need to change your boat flooring a couple of times in your boat’s life. However, it’s still an important part of the longevity of your boat’s life. If you’re wondering if your boat needs some TLC, here are three signs your boat needs new flooring this spring.

The Floors Are Warped and Damaged

If it’s evident that your floor has excessive water damage and wear and tear, it’s time to replace it. A few scratches or a stain are normal, but your boat could have a leak or pest issue if you see cracks, mold, discoloration, or deep scratches. It’s wise to get your flooring checked and replaced as soon as possible.

The Floors Are Outdated and Ugly

If you’re looking at the floors and starting to hate how they appear, you might want to replace your flooring. There’s no shame in wanting new flooring because of the style. If it doesn’t meet your aesthetic needs, replace it!

We recommend trying our marine-grade flooring selections for an upgraded look that’s durable, waterproof, and easy to clean.

Unpleasant Odors Are Coming From the Floor

Imagine hosting a boat day party, and instead of everyone enjoying themselves, they only think about the mildew or dirty floor smell. Save yourself from the embarrassment and solve your issue! If odors are seeping through the floors, that’s a sign your boat needs new flooring this spring.

It’s time to check your boat to see if you need to deal with any flooring issues. If any of these signs are familiar, you should take action! All Vinyl Fabrics offers various marine-grade floors perfect for your boat.

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