The 3 Best Ways To Organize Your Vinyl Fabric by the Yard

Sewers and crafters alike know that we collect fabrics in case creativity strikes, and that’s okay! However, abundant vinyl fabrics can become disorganized, often damaging your materials. To prevent that from happening, you should understand that you need to keep your vinyl fabrics stored in rolls—never folded—to avoid creasing. You should also keep your vinyl fabrics enclosed to prevent increased chances of fading, molding, and mildew.

Here are the three best ways to organize your vinyl fabric by the yard to keep your crafting or sewing room neat and efficient.

Place Your Vinyl in a Closet

If your crafting area has a spare closet with a door, you should utilize it to organize your vinyl upholstery. If you have a large amount of vinyl upholstery fabric and your closet has shelves, we recommend taking out the shelves to maximize the space to store your materials. Rolling your fabric onto cardboard will help keep the material in place and decrease the chances of it creasing.

Roll Your Fabric in Baskets

Placing your vinyl fabrics in baskets is a great way to organize your crafting space. Tightly roll your materials and stack them to maximize the amount of space you have. This method of organization is perfect for the crafters who may not have a more extensive collection of materials but want to keep it organized and easy to reach.

Roll Your Vinyl in Large Cabinets

Storing your vinyl upholstery fabric by the yard in large utility cabinets is one of the best ways to organize your materials. A large utility cabinet will help keep moisture, dust, and excess light away from your fabric. You can quickly grab your vinyl fabric from the cabinet by taking out the shelves and placing your rolled-up vinyl tightly in the storage.

Keeping your fabric organized will allow you to see which patterns and colors you have and which ones you need to stock back up. Using one of the three ways to organize your vinyl fabric, you will have an efficient crafting space to allow yourself to think creatively.

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