Why It’s Important To Put Your Vinyl Awning Away for Winter

During the warmer months, your awning provides a shady spot in the sun and a refuge in the rain. However, when the chills of winter set in, it’s time to store that awning for the winter. To extend the life of your vinyl goods, learn why it’s important to put your vinyl awning away for winter and add that task to your chore list.

Prevent Wear and Tear

Constant exposure to cold temperatures puts extra stress on the vinyl of your awning, especially if you live in an area that regularly sees below-zero temps in winter. Vinyl gets brittle when the temperature dips below zero, and like many other materials, contracts when it’s cold and expands when it’s hot. A constant cycle of freezing and thawing will cut down the life span of your awning.

Preserve the Structure

What happens when you leave your vinyl awning out during the winter and you see heavy snowfall? A big enough pile of snow on top of your awning can cause it to buckle from the weight. Snow and ice are common culprits for holes and tears in vinyl. If you didn’t put your awning away in time for the first snow of the season, you may be dealing with some of this damage. Luckily, All Vinyl Fabrics has multiple options for vinyl material for sale; buy your new awning now and keep it somewhere warm and dry until the spring.

Extend the Awning’s Life

Vinyl fabric is famous for its low maintenance needs; it holds up well to spills and stains and it’s easy to clean. However, you must clean and inspect it regularly! When you take the extra time to conduct vinyl fabric maintenance, it’ll look like new for years to come. You’ll get more use out of your awning if you keep it clean and dry.

Your awning has been good to you all summer, providing shade and dryness. Now, it’s time for you to return that favor. Clean it and wipe it dry before carefully storing it in a warm, dry place for the winter. Why is it important to put your vinyl awning away for the winter? Our vinyl material for sale is strong and durable, but be kind to it by keeping it safe from unnecessary weather damage.

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