Furniture Upholstery Fabrics To Avoid if You Have Pets

It’s totally possible to have pets and pristine furniture at the same time. You don’t have to resign yourself to stains and scratches. If you have furry friends around the house, then be smart when upholstering your furniture. Some fabrics are friendly to pets, and some are not. Take a look at these furniture upholstery fabrics to avoid if you have pets, and shop smart.


It’s so cozy, it’s so soft, it has that luxurious sheen to it—but guess what? Velvet furniture soaks up stains like a sponge, and those stains are nigh impossible to scrub out. In fact, trying to clean out a stain could wreck the fabric completely. Even if the staining isn’t from your pet, velvet is a finicky fabric to keep clean.


Is your animal companion a shedder? Many fabrics let go of animal hair fairly easily when you use a lint roller. However, tweed has some extra texture to it. Dog and cat hair can get trapped in there. Plus, if you have cats, then that texture can act as a scratching post for them. Claws can and will do irreparable damage to tweed furniture.


Many would-be upholsterers choose chenille for their furniture due to its softness and pleasant texture. However, that texture comes from its many tiny little loops. Of course, these are easy to scratch out if your pet has claws. Chenille is also an annoyingly absorbent fabric that won’t release stains. If you’re worried about pet messes on your furniture, then you should go for vinyl upholstery material instead. It’s easy to clean with some soap and a damp rag.


Silk is slippery and shiny, making it easy to brush pet hair off it. However, silk also snags and tears readily. If you have pets or even kids, silk will not agree with their lifestyle. It’s highly absorbent, and those stains will be noticeable. Silk is a luxurious material for a scarf or blouse but perhaps not the most practical upholstery fabric.

Beautiful furniture can coexist peacefully alongside your four-legged friends. You just need to be smart about your upholstery materials! Wool and leather are much better options, and if you really want a snappy look that’s easy to clean, then you should try vinyl upholstery. Remember these furniture upholstery fabrics to avoid if you have pets, and keep your four-legged friends in mind as you shop.

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