When To Replace Your Automotive Vinyl Fabric

A car’s interior requires maintenance and upgrades like the exterior. Taking care of it allows you to enjoy it for years and doesn’t take too much effort. Vinyl is a popular choice because it resembles leather but doesn’t cost as much. This fabric is durable, waterproof, and long-lasting. But how do you know when to replace your automotive vinyl fabric? Find out below.

There Are Cracks or Rips in the Fabric

Once your automotive vinyl fabric gets ripped or torn, it has served its purpose. You need to replace the vinyl fabric of your car before it deteriorates further. Otherwise, the foam inside your seats can get exposed to moisture, which contributes to mold growth.

The Vinyl Fabric Appears Discolored or Faded

Sometimes, stains on the seat can degrade and hurt the vehicle’s overall appearance. Vinyl fabric is durable, but it will reach its usability limit with frequent use and exposure to the elements. You’ll know it is high time to replace it when you have major discolorations and fading.

An Offending Smell Emanates From the Car’s Interior

You should replace your car’s vinyl fabric when an unpleasant odor affixes itself to the fabric, and no amount of cleaning or deodorizing can get rid of it. If you smoke inside the vehicle, it becomes impossible to remove the odor. Animal smells are also notoriously difficult to remove. Car deodorizer can only do so much, so it’s best to replace the vinyl fabric outright.

When You Change Your Vehicle’s Exterior Appearance

When you modify your vehicle’s exterior, the interior fabric may no longer look appealing since the color or style doesn’t go with the color you selected. So upgrade your interiors right along with your exteriors.

Ultimately, you’ll know when to replace your automotive vinyl fabric. Banish cracks, tears, and unpleasant smells by upgrading your vinyl interiors every few years. You’ll keep your car looking and smelling new long into the future.

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