4 Boat Decorating Ideas To Try On Your Watercraft

Have you thought about revamping the look of your boat? If so, it’s probably not something you want to do frequently. You’ll need to rely on materials that have a long shelf life, like marine vinyl fabric. With a few DIY projects, you can modernize your boat and make it feel more like home. Here are a few boat decorating ideas that can go a long way when you want to bring your boat back to life.

Repeat Your Cleats

Those boat cleats you use every day can be an accent piece for a subtle nautical touch. They’re great for towel or swimsuit racks, photo hangers, or cabinet handles. You can also use them as curtain tie backs. Just attach the cleat to the wall, loosely wrap a piece of rope around your curtain, and then hook it around the cleat. You’ll never look at boat cleats the same way!

Frame of Mind

Buy or print off a map of the lake, cove, or bay where your boat lives for a personal touch. You can insert it into a regular picture frame, and then use boat cleats and rope to hang it. For a more rustic look, find a map large enough to go behind an antique window frame, allowing the map to peek through each square.

From Coast to Coaster

Print off some of your favorite memories on the water and relive them every time you rest your drink. To create photo coasters, cut the images to fit on square ceramic tiles. Using a sponge brush, apply Mod Podge to the back of the photo, and press it firmly to the tile. Allow them to dry completely before adding Mod Podge layers on top of the photo. Not only are they a logistical boat decorating idea, but they’re conversation starters, too.

Give Your Chairs Some Flair

Are you a “liveaboard” or a weekender? Your boating frequency impacts the materials’ durability when it comes to revamping your seat cushions. For exterior cushions, you’ll need marine vinyl fabric that resists moisture and is easy to clean. Sunbrella® offers a variety of colors for your interior cushions that are sure to bring comfort and warmth to the cabin.

Looking for the right pattern? You don’t have to punctuate your passion with a nautical theme throughout the boat. You want that custom boat interior to feel like home, after all. Stripes are a common go-to, but neutrals with a pop of color or a fun pattern are a safe bet, too.

When it’s time to update the look of your boat, give All Vinyl Fabrics a call at 877-618-4695. All Vinyl Fabrics carries a large selection of marine vinyl fabric that you can use to update, restore, and enhance your boat and other outdoor-use fixtures. Contact us today, and we’ll help your bring your boat back to life with creative boat decorating ideas and tips.

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