5 2017 Trends in Boating

Changes and advancements in technology are making boating better than ever. 2017 is poised to deliver new and better boating designs that provide value, comfort, quality, and reliability. Whether it’s through new technologies or simply by innovating how boat manufacturers use marine vinyl fabric, boaters and boat enthusiasts can look forward to a number of emerging trends in boat design.

Goodbye Carpet, Hello Vinyl

Marine-grade carpet flooring has been used in boats for years, offering a secure and non-slip surface that’s compatible with walking around barefoot. However, the downside with carpeting is that it absorbs water. It also takes a long time to dry out, which exposes your boat to mold issues and rotting floors. Synthetic flooring made from marine vinyl fabric provides the same safety and comfort features as carpeting, but dries quickly, doesn’t absorb water, and is significantly easier to keep clean.

Integrated Track Systems

Serious fishers know the pain of buying a new boat and then having to drill it full of holes to support the rod holders, downriggers, and other fishing accessories. Fortunately, innovations in how boats are designed has included treating track systems as standard equipment. Most new fishing boats either have track systems integrated into the design, or installed on top of the gunnels. This saves you the time and frustration of having to drill holes and set equipment yourself, compromising the appearance of the hull.

Digital Dashboards

Boat dashboards are taking a cue from modern vehicles, making the transition from knobs and dials to LCD screens. These displays don’t just look great — the integrate with all the systems on the boat so you can access what you need from the screen. This includes your engine, stereo, GPS, fish finder, and more.

Ventilated Storage Compartments

What do you do with your rods and reels at the end of the day? You likely put them in the storage locker without a second thought, but if they’re wet, you’re creating a scenario that’s prime for rusting and mold issues. New boat designs include ventilated rod storage lockers that are equipped with a power fan. The ventilation and air circulation keeps mildew and rust at bay. As if this wasn’t convenient enough, most of these new storage lockers have a timer feature, allowing you to put your equipment away and not give it a second thought.

LED Lighting

Marine environments have always been a touch match for electrical lighting systems, but LED lighting is changing that. Filament bulbs, the standard for years, are prone to corrosion and breakage if they’re bumped. LED lighting, however, is sealed to avoid corrosion and have no bulbs that need to be replaced. They’re not just innovative in practicality — they come in a fun array of colors, allowing you to customize the look of your boat.

You can get on board with these boating trends without buying a brand new boat. All Vinyl sells marine vinyl fabric that you can use to replace carpeting, update upholstery, and more. Give All Vinyl a call today to find the right marine vinyl fabric for your boating needs.

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