Marine Vinyl Fabric

The durability of vinyl fabric is put to the test everyday by outdoor elements. Therefore, unique protection is required for vinyl used on boats and watercraft due to exposure to water and the sun. All Vinyl Fabrics supplies a wide variety of marine grade vinyl fabric for restoring and enhancing the look of your boat, so you don’t have to choose between a great look and high quality.

Here are some features of the marine grade vinyl fabrics we carry.

Superior Surface Durability

All Vinyl Fabrics stocks marine grade vinyl superior abrasion resistance. Our inventory must pass a rigorous procedure that tests the number of rubs with duck cloth a fabric can tolerate. Depending on the grade, our vinyl can withstand 50,000 to 400,000 rubbing cycles. We also carry fabric coated with Pre-Fixx®, a finish that enhances stain resistance. This provides increased longevity that is especially valuable in commercial applications on boats that ferry hundreds of passengers every day.

Solutions for Common Problems

All Vinyl Fabrics carries a complete line of fabrics that solves many of the common issues that come with operating marine vessels. We carry vinyl that is resistant to mildew, fungus and bacteria. We also stock vinyl fabrics with superior static resistance and fire retardant qualities to keep passengers and crews safe. Stain resistant coating also makes cleaning vinyl surfaces easier. UV protection prevents the fading and breakdown of vinyl due to constant sun exposure.

Bold Colors and Finishing Touches

All Vinyl Fabrics makes it easy to achieve the look and feel you want for your boat. That’s why each type of vinyl fabric comes in multiple color options to match a wide variety of deck color themes. Matching Hidem and welt cord can be ordered separately as well, providing the perfect finishing touches. We also stock marine grade vinyl in foam back and pleated styles for use in seating and wall paneling.

Vinyl Fabric for All Types of Marine Applications

All Vinyl Fabrics is the ideal place to shop for all your marine and boat upholstery needs. Your boat’s outer appearance and interior look will be preserved for years with the right color and style of high performance marine grade vinyl. All Vinyl Fabrics provides exceptional service to all types of customers including individuals, institutions, small businesses and large corporations. Explore our wide selection of high quality vinyl fabrics. And if don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us or call (877) 618-4695 today to find out more about the inventory we have available.