4 Signs Your Boat Dock Needs an Update

Your boat is a huge investment, both emotionally and financially, so you naturally keep a close eye on it. It’s easy to notice when the marine vinyl fabric on the seats or upholstery isn’t looking its best or the awning is starting to fray. But do you pay the same level of attention to your boat dock? Every time you return from your adventures on the open water, you’re tying it up to your dock, so it’s important to be sure that the dock is secure, stable, and up to the task of keeping your boat safe when it’s not in use. Because the dock exists in the same marine environment as your boat, it will also need upkeep, updates, and maintenance from time to time. Keep a sharp eye out for these 4 signs that your boat dock needs a little TLC.

Rusted Supports and Platforms

Water, especially saltwater, has corrosive elements that will eat away at the metal components in your boat dock over time. Small rust spots can be repaired, or may just require replacing the individual affected parts. However, wide spread rusting will compromise the whole dock structure, meaning you may need to replace it. The best way to deter rust is by lubricating the metal components of the dock.

Wood Rot

Synthetic materials are increasing in popularity, but many boat owners still have a wooden dock. Unfortunately, there’s a fungus in the water that seeps into the wood and leads to dry rot. This is a dangerous condition that decays and crumbles the wood. It’s important to replace individual boards and pieces at the first sign of wood rot. Otherwise, it could spread and lead to dangerous circumstances, such as stepping on a rotted board and falling through the dock.

Cracked or Warped Dock Supports

Currents and waves put pressure on your dock, causing the materials to bend and warp over time. It can also result in breaks or cracks in the supports. This issue is further aggravated by hitting your boat against the dock when trying to dock it. While smaller supports can be repaired or replaced individually, a load-bearing support that’s warped or cracked needs to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of a total dock collapse.

Cracks in the Foundation

Cracks in the foundational supports of your dock need to be addressed immediately. If the underwater foundation is damaged, you’ll need to replace the dock. You don’t want to ignore any kind of foundational damage, because the docking structure rests on it.

By taking the time to look after your dock with the same attention and care you give your boat, you’re ensuring your boat has a safe place to stay in between uses. One way to keep your boat is great condition for years to come is by outfitting it with marine vinyl fabric from All Vinyl Fabrics. Not sure where to start? Give All Vinyl Fabrics a call today at 877-618-4695 and we’ll help you match the right marine vinyl fabric to your needs.

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