4 Things To Know About Cleaning Marine Vinyl Upholstery

Although marine vinyl fabric is very durable thanks to its UV- and mildew-resistant features, it still requires care to keep it in peak condition. In order to maintain its appearance and durability over the years, it’s important to utilize the correct cleaners and protectants. Learn how to clean vinyl boat seats properly!

Whether it’s used on a boat or on outdoor furniture, in order to see your marine vinyl last for years to come, start by selecting a high-quality fabric that’s suited for the conditions it will experience. This gives you a head start in preventing problems with mold, mildew, abrasion, and UV damage.

Protect Your Investment

The first step in cleaning marine vinyl upholstery is protectant. Reupholstering is expensive, especially in a commercial situation where multiple boats or areas are involved. Protectants will prevent age-induced brittleness. They can even go a long way to preventing environmental problems such as UV damage, dirt, and mildew. Other treatments will improve repellency of the vinyl so that moisture doesn’t seep into cushions or through awnings.

Remove Stains Quickly

When cleaning marine vinyl upholstery, stains need to be removed quickly and safely. Otherwise, they can become permanent. You don’t want a strong smell that lingers when passengers or patrons are around, so choose a cleaner that removes stains effectively without producing fumes, foam, or odors. 303 makes a multi-surface indoor/outdoor cleaner than can be used diluted or at full strength. It removes stains on multiple surfaces, including marine fabric and upholstery.

Take Care of Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew remover helps recover from damage caused by a damp environment. Even though marine vinyl fabrics are resistant to mold, it can become a problem as sweat, dirt, and sunscreen all combine to form an environment that welcomes mold and mildew. Bleach might seem like a great option for cleaning marine vinyl upholstery, but in the end, it destroys the stitching of the vinyl, causing the seat to come apart. It is much better to use a specific marine vinyl cleaner that is specially formulated not to harm it or the stitching.

Find the Right Marine Vinyl Fabric

All Vinyl sells durable marine vinyl fabrics that work well in many outdoor applications. It is just as important to start out with the right marine vinyl fabric as it is to take good care of it along the way. Our vinyl has features that are pertinent to the rigors of the outdoors and water. These features include resistance to fungus, bacteria, mildew, and static. Our website showcases various brands and colors so that any project has exactly what it needs. Matching hydem and welt provide the finishing touches. Contact us today so we can provide you with the marine vinyl fabric you need.

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