What Advances in Marine Vinyl Mean for Your Boat

Everyone wants to spend as much time on the weekend out on the boat as possible, and marine vinyl fabric innovations make that a reality. Sure, you could go with a budget option that lacks a lot of these new features, but the reality is that it just isn’t worth it. The right vinyl will allow you to spend your weekend enjoying your boat instead of scrubbing or even reupholstering it. Advances in marine vinyl fabric allow for increased durability and longevity. They are tested and improved so that abrasion doesn’t wear them out as quickly.

How Far We’ve Come

Cotton canvas is the first fabric that was used on boats. This was used primarily for sails. Things remained pretty much the same for hundreds, even thousands of years, until synthetic materials came on the scene in the 1930s. Now you can expect boat fabric to last because of the new features that increase longevity.

Improved Durability

Some situations on boats require extreme durability, such as ferries or commercial applications. Even a daily use boat for transportation instead of just recreation needs added durability. Many vinyl fabrics are abrasion-tested through tens of thousands of abrasion cycles. As they are tested, improvements are made to make them even more durable. This ensures that wear won’t happen prematurely. Even a weekend boat enthusiast will benefit from this.

Top Coating

There are always times when someone spills their drink or drops food on the vinyl of a boat. How the vinyl reacts to stains determines how long it will take to remove the stain or, ultimately, whether replacement is required. A top coating that provides stain resistance is one advancement that you don’t want to be without when spills and accidents happen.

The Rigors of Water and UV Rays

Water and sun both pose several difficult problems for vinyl to overcome. The wet environment breeds mildew, fungus, and bacteria that marine vinyl is designed to resist. This keeps it safe and clean in the middle of the most trying conditions. Sun can be just as damaging, so marine vinyl is made to be UV-resistant, meaning that the fabrics won’t fade through exposure to sunlight.

Fire Safety

When on a boat, a fire can be a real problem because the only escape is into the water. Marine vinyl can be engineered to be fire retardant to make boats safer by delaying or preventing a fire. In addition, advancement of static resistance in vinyl has made boats safer, since sparks can trigger a fire if gas leaks are present.

Make Sure You Get These Advancements for Your Boat

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