Tips To Create Shade on Your Deck

We love our decks. Cookouts, long chats, and simply relaxing are the favorite activities that take place on them. They draw us outside when the weather is warm and offer friends and family comfortable seating to enjoy. Unfortunately, sometimes the heat of summer can get to be a bit much. Use these tips to create shade on your deck and enjoy the deck even on the hottest days of summer.


Trees are a natural and beautiful option to add some shade to the deck.

If planted when mature, you could get some decent shade pretty quickly. However, if the tree is small to begin with, it could take years to have the shade you are hoping for.

Either way—if you don’t mind the wait—planting a tree in the right area so it eventually gives shade is worthwhile.

Ask a specialist for advice before planting. Planting too close to the deck or choosing the wrong type of tree could actually end up damaging the deck.


An umbrella can easily be installed for shade if you already have a table set up which is built for one. Many outdoor tables come with an umbrella or a space in the middle of the table to insert it.

Another option for a shade umbrella is a stand-alone one which is held up with a base, often filled with sand to keep it from tipping over. The stand-alone umbrella can be placed anywhere on the deck and moved around for shade.


Awnings are one of the best ways to create shade on your deck, thanks to the many options and ability to cover large areas.

Vinyl fabric is a great choice for an outdoor awning, thanks to its ability to repel water and its easily cleaned surface.

Choose an awning that’s permanently fixed or a retractable awning that can be neatly rolled up and stored until ready to use. This option is handy when you want to enjoy full sun some days but not others.

The flexibility of awnings allows deck users to decide how much shade they want. A small awning can give a shady option for those who want it while the rest of your guests enjoy the rays of the sun.

A large awning could cover nearly the entire deck if that is the design you choose.

All Vinyl Fabrics offers customers the ability to buy vinyl fabric online to use however needed, including the perfect awning.

Enjoy the sunshine and consider creating some shade to help stretch out the beautiful, warm days of spring and summer.

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