A Beginner’s Guide To Boating With Pets

Summer will be here before you know it. If the COVID-19 pandemic is over, then you can have some friends go cruising on your boat. Yet, you shouldn’t forget the most important pal of all—your pet. This beginner’s guide to boating with pets will help you keep your furry friends safe while they’re on the water.

Pet Proof Your Boat

One of the first things you should do when you decide to go on the ship with your pet is getting the boat ready. For example, don’t leave any floatation devices around that the animal can get a hold of. Also, think about getting vinyl boat flooring. Vinyl is incredibly durable, so pets can show them a little wear and tear. The fabric won’t rip if there are paws prancing on it.

Take Care of Them

Your pet will likely be excited when they go on the boat. So, you must pay them a little extra attention while they’re cruising along. For example:

  • Make sure there’s a shaded area for your pet so they aren’t stuck in the sun.
  • Always have fresh water on the ship, along with tasty treats.
  • Purchase a piece of turf where they can use the bathroom on the ship when needed.
  • Buy animal safety gear, such as a lifejacket, for when the sailing begins.

This beginner’s guide to boating with your pets will help you have the best time this summer. Your cat or dog is probably just as sick of being in the house as you are. So, think about taking them for a sail on the water. A few other pro tips include letting the animal get acquainted with the ship before you set sail. Swimming lessons also aren’t a bad idea. Finally, check out All Vinyl Fabrics for vinyl boat flooring, so their paws don’t get injured while out on the water.

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