When To Choose Vinyl Fabric Over Leather

Vinyl has become a favorite material because consumers want a certain look without heavy prices or upkeep. Improvements throughout the years and its ability to look like leather make vinyl a wise choice. Know when to choose vinyl fabric over leather so you can create a lifestyle that looks stylish but won’t break the bank or require constant maintenance.


There’s no getting around it—vinyl is less expensive to produce and sell than leather. If the goal is to save money but have the look of leather, vinyl is the way to go.


Due to the way leather material is created, it is often only offered in neutral or very few color choices.

Vinyl, on the other hand, can be created in a multitude of colors. When designing or being creative, having the option of color makes vinyl the better choice.

Vinyl can even be designed with texture and grains to offer a “leather” type look.


Depending on the use of your leather or vinyl, you have to consider maintenance. Both are fairly easy to keep clean; however, leather requires more attention.

Because of the source, leather can dry out. That means special leather cleaners and moisturizers are necessary. If you lead a busy life and are considering leather for something like furniture—think again. No one needs another thing added to their “to do” list.

When it comes to keeping upholstery clean, vinyl is your best friend. You can simply wipe it off with a damp rag or any cleaner that isn’t abrasive. Pretty easy!


The intended use of either fabric makes a difference when deciding if you should choose vinyl fabric over leather.

A beautiful leather couch that sits near a window each day, soaking up the sunlight, will fade quickly. That change in color shade can make repairs difficult down the road when trying to match it.

Vinyl won’t crack, dry out, or fade the way leather does. Low maintenance with no need for conditioning makes vinyl family- and business-friendly.

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