How to Improve Your Boat’s Value and Bring out Its Best Side

When you show off your boat, whether it’s on the water or to a buyer, you want any onlooker’s jaw to drop. This “wow” factor is often viewed as your boat’s value; from little touches like keeping it clean to big changes like upgrading the upholstery, each change will help increase your boat’s worth. If you want to take your boat up a notch, here’s how to improve your boat’s value.

Upgrade your upholstery

Don’t rely on the same old upholstery you’ve had for years. If you really want to improve your boat’s value, you need to give your upholstery a new look. For those that have always had marine carpet, marine vinyl could be the perfect switch. Replacing boat carpet with vinyl is fairly simple, and this change will make your boat more stylish, easier to clean, and up the value.

Amp up the interior

If your boat’s interior looks like its straight out of the 80s or 90s, those looking at your boat will take note. Bring your boat’s potential to life and revamp the interior. Something as simple as artful touches, sleek LED lights, or tweaking anything that has rusted over the years will help your boat out immensely. It’s all about functionality and aesthetic—if you account for both, the value will shine through.

Keep it pristine, year round

This tip is a must, whether you’re looking to sell or not. It’s all too easy to feel unmotivated and get behind on your routine cleaning, but for your boat’s sake, it’s important to keep it clean year round. Not only will this make it look great, but you can spot any scratches or scraps that you need to take care of before they get worse.

Get any necessary upgrades

These days, people want to get as many upgrades for their boat as they can. The latest technologies help avoid life’s little conveniences, and those upgrades can make your boat’s value skyrocket. Consider looking into an upgraded boat canvas, the latest smart technologies like marine GPS, or a fish finder for fishing buffs. These extra touches show your boat can really go the extra mile.

With boat shows contributing as much as 50 percent to dealers’ annual sales, it’s no question that your boat’s value should be accounted for if you want to make a stellar sale at the upcoming show. The tasks may seem daunting, but in the end, each consideration comes together to bring the absolute best out of your boat—something all boating enthusiasts strive for.

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