If you’re considering a vinyl fabric for your awnings or outdoor space, Sunbrella offers a variety of colors and patterns to suit your taste. Even better, its legendary durability and easy-to-clean factor makes it an easy choice. It can stand up to some of the toughest stain culprits like wine, chocolate, or markers. However, there […]

Maintaining a clean boat is a given for any owner, but the vinyl fabric on your boat needs extra attention. Clear vinyl, whether it’s a full enclosure, dodger, or window is continuously exposed to UV, salt, and other various chemicals that turn the material yellow and cloudy. Being proactive about cleaning and protecting your clear […]

Changes and advancements in technology are making boating better than ever. 2017 is poised to deliver new and better boating designs that provide value, comfort, quality, and reliability. Whether it’s through new technologies or simply by innovating how boat manufacturers use marine vinyl fabric, boaters and boat enthusiasts can look forward to a number of […]

Have you thought about revamping the look of your boat? If so, it’s probably not something you want to do frequently. You’ll need to rely on materials that have a long shelf life, like marine vinyl fabric. With a few DIY projects, you can modernize your boat and make it feel more like home. Here […]

Although marine vinyl fabric is very durable thanks to its UV- and mildew-resistant features, it still requires care to keep it in peak condition. In order to maintain its appearance and durability over the years, it’s important to utilize the correct cleaners and protectants. Learn how to clean vinyl boat seats properly! Whether it’s used […]

While accounts of rubber and plastic usage dates back to discoveries made by Christopher Columbus in 1492, vinyl fabric is a relatively new innovation. In order to appreciate how far this material has come in terms of technology, innovation, and use, it’s helpful to understand its surprising history. What started as an accidental discovery led […]