How To Prevent Your Vinyl Boat Seats From Cracking

Finally, it’s time to enjoy the sunshine of summer and put our boats in the water. As you and your guests jump into the boat, the first thing everyone does is head to a seat. Are your vinyl boat seats in top shape? With a little care through the summer and before packing the boat away for winter, your seats can remain new-looking for a very long time. If not cared for, some annoying cracks may show up. Let’s go over how to prevent your vinyl boat seats from cracking.

Keep It Clean

Everything on your boat is better when it’s clean, seating included. As dirt and grime settle in, the seats are more prone to mold and cracking. Cleaning the seats is easy. A bucket of warm water with a drop of dish soap does the trick. Simply wipe the dirt off the seat with a warm and a soapy rag. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the marine vinyl.

Remember, sometimes invisible grime can cause damage. Sunscreen, clear drinks, and sweat all hang out on your boat’s seats. Clean seats often to remove any possible uncleanliness.

Protect the Seats

Once the vinyl seats are clean, protect them regularly with a marine vinyl coating designed specifically for boat seats. The protectant prevents the seats from fading due to the sun’s rays and keeps vinyl soft and looking new. Just like with cleaners, some protectants not made for vinyl will do more harm than good.

Cover It Up

The best thing you can do to protect your vinyl boat seats from cracking is to cover them up when not in use. Covers aren’t only for when the boat is tucked away for winter. Use covers regularly to protect your boat’s seats from the sun, dirt, and stains from accidental spills. After making the effort to clean and protect, a seat cover is the final step in preventing the boat’s seats from cracking.

Enjoy your boat and the warm weather, and take the extra few steps to keep your boat seats looking like new.

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