How To Help Your Dog Have Better Traction on Vinyl Boat Flooring

Nothing makes your loyal companion happier than seeing you load up the boat. Your dog knows when it’s time to go, and they’ll happily join you even though they know they’ll slide all over the floor of the boat thanks to its water-safe flooring. Surprise your pup this summer with our ideas to help your dog have better traction on vinyl boat flooring.


We trim our dogs’ nails so we don’t have to hear the loud clicking as they walk across the floor at home, but did you know that a good trim helps your dog get a better grip everywhere they walk? Keep their nails nice and trim during boating months, and they’ll have a better shot at slipping less on the boat.

Paw Trim

Those little fuzzies on the bottom of Fido’s foot are cute, but they make it easier for him to slip across the slippery boat floor. Keep the fur trimmed on your dog’s paws for better traction.

Doggie Booties

They’re not just for the cold weather—some doggie booties are designed with no-slip grips in mind. They have little pieces of rubber on the bottom to help give your dog some traction. Not all dogs will go for this, but it’s worth a try.


Outdoor runner rugs designed with boating in mind are an excellent answer to the slipping dilemma. Choose rugs that are easy to clean and hose off. Simply throw a couple on the boat, and your dog will no longer slip. They’ll also enjoy a soft place to lay.

Foot Spray

There is dog foot spray available at many pet stores, which you can spray directly on a dog’s paw to help them stick to the floor. It’s designed with show dogs in mind, intended to give them a better trot as they make their way around the show floor.

Nothing beats the look on your dog’s face when it’s time to hit the water. They appreciate all you do for them, and they’d do just about anything to be with you. Show them how much you care by trying a few of the ideas we’ve discussed to help your dog have better traction on vinyl boat flooring.

All Vinyl Fabrics understands the unique needs of boat owners, including the need for marine-grade vinyl flooring. We’ve got you, your dog, and your boat covered with many fun choices in boat-friendly flooring.

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