Signs It’s Time To Replace the Vinyl Fabric on Your Boat

It’s hard to believe that winter has arrived. However, as sad as it makes you, the season is here to stay. Wintertime is especially hard on people who own boats because they can’t take their marine vessels out on the water. Still, this doesn’t mean you’ll never see your boat throughout the season. In fact, you can use this time to make the updates you’ve always wanted for your boat. Here are some signs it’s time to replace the vinyl fabric on your boat so that it looks brand-new.

Rips and Cracks

Vinyl fabric is incredibly durable. However, just like every other material, it’s prone to cracking over time. If you notice any large rips that you can’t sew yourself, consider doing some DIY. All Vinyl Fabrics has the perfect products for anyone interested in boat upholstery. We have interesting designs that’ll catch passengers’ eyes.

Pink Stains

A previous blog post discussed why some boats get pink stains on the fabric. The primary reason vinyl fabric turns pink is because of moisture. The moisture from the water creates bacteria that turns the material pink. Not only is this unsightly, but it can also be unsafe for passengers who want to cruise the waters. Change things out the minute you notice fabric turning pink to avoid larger problems.

It’s Outdated

This is another sign it’s time to replace the vinyl fabric on your boat. Sure, having your own boat is nice. But everyone wants their ship to be the most attractive on the water. One way to make other captains jealous is by updating the fabric. All Vinyl Fabrics has everything you need to get started. We want to make sure your boat looks fantastic, so that everyone is excited about taking a cruise.

There’s no reason to be sad about winter. You can spend this season updating your boat so that looks great next summer. Start by doing some boat reupholstering, so people are more comfortable on your boat the next time you all go for a sail.

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