How to Clean Marine Vinyl Fabric

Boats were made for creating memories. There’s nothing better than sailing across the open sea with the people you love. Since ships are a popular hangout spot, they get pretty messy quickly. Read this guide on how to clean marine vinyl fabric so that your marine vessel stays spotless and you can continue to entertain people on the water.

Use Specialized Cleaning Products

Taking care of a boat is no easy task. Every boat owner knows how much work goes into making sure their ship runs properly. Unfortunately, cleaning a marine vessel isn’t exactly simple. You should never just use any old cleaning product on your marine vinyl fabric. Some generic cleaning products are full of chemicals that could damage the material or ruin its finish. Talk to boating experts about which products you should use before cleaning. Some products are specifically made for boats, so you can rest assured that your fabric will always look amazing.

A Power Washer Is Your Friend

Ships see their fair share of wear and tear. When people are out sailing, they aren’t worried about making a mess. Instead, boaters are looking at the waves and trying to achieve a sense of tranquility. Unfortunately, people are so focused on having fun that they don’t care how big of a mess they make. Most of the time, a vacuum won’t cut it for cleaning up this mess. Use a power washer to clean your marine vinyl fabric to ensure the job is done right. A power washer will get into every nook and cranny so that no spot is missed. You’ll have to wait for your ship to dry until you use it again. However, it’ll be so worth it when your fabric looks brand-new again.

Get Creative

You should get creative if you’re struggling to clean your marine vinyl fabric. Reach out to fellow boat owners to see if there are any tips and tricks that you don’t know about. For example, one trick is to use sunblock to remove pen stains. Apparently, the cream does wonders for those stuck in a jam. Also, some people who own ships swear by Magic Erasers. These tools, if used correctly, can help remove stains.

Follow this advice if you’re wondering how to clean marine vinyl fabric. It’s your job to keep your marine vessel clean if you want to have passengers come aboard. If your upholstery is beyond repair, please shop at All Vinyl Fabrics today. We have marine vinyl fabric wholesale, so you can remodel your ship at an affordable price.

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