Tips for Upgrading Your Car’s Interior

Once you own a car, it’s yours. This means that if you want to give it a new paint job or finish, you can. It’s good to upgrade your car for both style and safety. Follow these tips for upgrading your car’s interior for these features.

Upgrade Knobs and Handles

You can customize gear knobs and parking brake handles to match your vehicle’s interior. Buy a nonslip or weighted shift knob for your transmission. You’ll feel a smoother shift with less direct effort when switching gears.

Switch to LED Interior Lighting Kits

Do this to highlight your interior in style. LED lighting kits can illuminate anywhere in your car, such as the dashboard, footwell, or undercarriage. Choose different colors and effects to customize to your heart’s content.

Add New Technology

Your passengers will notice the difference new technology brings. Start with a new sound system. Most drivers like to listen to music or audiobooks in their car. You can even make hands-free calls with this technology. Similarly, another key piece of technology is a digital display. A digital display can show GPS navigation, the radio or music feature, and (if connected) a rear-view camera to make backing out safer. Most new cars come with this already, but if you’re driving an older model, it’s worth making the switch.

Clean or Replace the Upholstery

A simple cleaning will give off a new feel for any vehicle. Vacuum debris to clean your floor carpet. Then, wipe down upholstery and use cleaning products meant for your vehicle. This is a cost-effective way to clean up any upholstery. You can also replace it completely. For a sportier feel, replace car seats with racing seats. Another way is to reupholster it is with vinyl. You can even style it to mimic your favorite luxury car.

Replace the Carpet with Floor Mats

Constantly cleaning floor carpet is gross. Style your floor with floor mats instead. They are much easier to clean, since spilled food or drinks are simpler to manage on floor mats. Cleaning is as simple as using a wet cloth to wipe it down. You should upgrade to plastic or vinyl mats for a luxury look.

Improve the Safety Equipment

It’s important to upgrade your safety equipment too. These switches will not only save you money, but they can save your life as well. Add parking sensors to warn when you’re approaching other vehicles in the parking lot. Don’t risk scratching your doors—or worse—in tight parking spots. Another invaluable safety piece is a collision-avoidance system. This warns the driver of any oncoming crashes and, depending on the system, can brake automatically. If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, an airbag replacement works too.

No matter how you choose to upgrade your car’s interior, it’s important to get the best quality materials. If you’re looking for interior or outdoor vinyl fabric, check out our expansive selection. Here at All Vinyl Fabrics, we want to give your car the makeover it deserves.

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