Why Restaurant Upholstery Matters

Everyone loves going out to eat—not just for the food, but for the experience. It’s nice to spend quality time with loved ones, enjoy amazing food, and be comfortable while doing it. If you’re a restaurant owner, therefore, the aesthetic and functionality of your furniture—including the upholstery—are important. Below are three reasons why restaurant upholstery matters.


One of the most obvious reasons why restaurant upholstery matters is comfort. Restaurant owners want to make sure their guests are as comfortable as possible. One way to ensure this is to use soft fabric when you’re upholstering chairs and booths. Consider buying vinyl mesh fabric by the yard so that you have plenty of extra material if necessary.


Sitting down at a restaurant table with dirty cushions is always upsetting. Patrons are more inclined to return to businesses that keep their furniture clean. One way to make sure your furniture stays clean is to choose the right upholstery. You want to be certain that you choose a fabric that can easily deal with spills and any food stains. The same goes for durability. The last thing you want is for guests to sit on a fabric that can easily tear or rip—especially in an environment that sits hundreds of people a day.


Design plays a bigger role in restaurant upholstery than you might think. Choosing an upholstery that goes with the look of your restaurant is so important—you don’t want to choose too bold of a pattern that might distract guests while they’re eating.

Choosing the right upholstery for your restaurant can be tough. At All Vinyl Fabrics, you have many different options of upholstery vinyl to choose from, such as pebble grain and faux leather—the possibilities seem endless. If you keep these simple tips in mind while you’re shopping, though, you’ll end up with the perfect upholstery for your restaurant.

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