What Colors Attract Customers to Your Bar or Restaurant

There are several ways to attract customers, be it through clever marketing or awesome promotions. However, did you know that the very color of your restaurant or bar could draw in customers? The psychology of colors is fascinating, and it greatly affects the level of interest patrons will have in your establishment. Here’s a breakdown of what colors attract customers to bars and restaurants, and the various ways you can implement them through your space and upholstery.


There are many different types of bars, but in general, you want customers to feel relaxed, at ease, and taken care of. Using these colors that attract customers, you can set the tone the moment they step through your doors.

Deep Red

A deep red, such as a burgundy or maroon, invites people to feel comfortable and pampered. Deep, earthy tones are high-end, making your spot seem like the epitome of class. This color is a great choice for your vinyl upholstery materials, as the material’s comfort will echo the feelings the color evokes.


Known as the color of royalty, using purple will make your bar appear luxurious and high-class. If you’re going for a more exclusive vibe, this color is the way to go. Consumers will begin to associate your drinks with high-quality, making them more likely to purchase something.


To get some parched patrons, blue is the way to go. Not only is it a popular and calming color, but it also makes people thirsty. This makes it an ideal color for any bar, so go ahead and get some blue vinyl barstools and watch the orders pile in.


When designing your restaurant, you want to create a great atmosphere that will whet people’s appetites. The right color choice can help you achieve both. Here are some great color options that will attract all the right customers to your restaurant.


If you want to communicate that your restaurant is clean and dependable, white is the way to go. Another great thing about the color white is that it can make any space seem bigger. This will make patrons feel more comfortable and support a better opinion of your restaurant.


For restaurants that are all about health, green will illustrate that from the get-go. People naturally associate this color with vegetarian and healthy foods. As such, any shade of green will draw in people who are interested in fresh dining. Even better, green is a naturally soothing color, helping to put diners at ease.


Used expertly by fast-food giant McDonalds, yellow communicates excitement and acts as an attention grabber. For those running fast-food joints or more casual spots, yellow is a great option. Be careful with the shade, though, as the brightness can be off-putting. Use it sparingly—a little of this color will go a long way in your restaurant.

With the right pops of color, you’ll notice a real difference in your restaurant or bar. A great way to incorporate color into your design is through the skillful use of upholstery vinyl. The color and the fabric combined will make patrons feel more relaxed and interested in your establishment. By making every part of your restaurant or bar a standout, you can take it to the next level.

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